who am I?
Born in Anvers, I grew up in a French speaking family in Brussels, Belgium and I am now a very proud mother of 2 two fantastic young people and happy in love. However, this hasn’t always been the case. I have faced difficulties and challenges in life, and was lucky enough, to receive help and guidance when I needed it the most. Helping me, to move forward in life.

As a part of the, ‘pay it forward principle’, I came to the realisation that my purpose in life, my mission, is to help others, overcome their personal struggles, to disseminate my ‘joie de vivre’( joy of life) and to be a supportive role model by providing them support and encouragement towards becoming the best version of themselves.

I practice what I preach, and constantly strive to follow my vision to, “be the best version of myself”. I use a mainly person-centred approach, motivating my clients with humour, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

This is why and how Nabarrocoaching was born.

what can Nabarrocoaching do for you?

On our journey, Nabarro Coaching helps you strike a balance between your work and home life. Rejuvenate your self-confidence and aims to develop your personal growth, all while discovering your passions.

My concept Me, Myself and I on Tour is based on the idea that we all have internal voices that bring us insecurities, worry and stress. Through respect, humour, creativity, and a touch of provocation, I combine my concept with the classic techniques of coaching and NLP tools; asking the right questions, listening, empathy, and of course empowering you to become your best self.

Combining these techniques enables you to experience personal development and wellbeing.

  • To recognise and to appreciate one’s own talents and to utilise your resources.
  • To focus on the “how” instead of the “why”: “how to get out of the actual situation?”, “how I achieve my goal?”
  • To be focussed on the goals instead of the issues
  • To become self-aware
invest in yourself
Nabarro Coaching offers different packages to suit your individual needs:
As a life coach, I can accompany you through this journey in various ways:

Private creative life coaching “Me, Myself and I on Tour”

(1 hour) starting with / without a chair massage
Beginning with a chair massage provides you with a short, relaxing and activating moment before the coaching session. During the session we will dig deeper explore to your ‘help’ question.

The session is based my office in Amsterdam Noord. It can also be done over Skype too although you may miss the opportunity and benefits of a chair massage!

Before starting a session, I highly recommend that we begin with a free, short introductory conversation on Skype.

Group creative coaching “Me, Myself and I on Tour”

(2 X 3 hours)
Consisting of 2 workshops of 3 hours with a group of maximum 10 persons. Keeping the group small  provides the opportunity for personal exchanges, in a respectful environment and with/through a trusted framework.

Based on group sharing and using practical tools, you will develop better self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and the ability to better deal with the frustrations of life and the stresses this can bring.

Me, Myself & I Day 1: Getting to know each other and defining where are you now and where you want to be going forward.( creative work will place ).

Me, Myself & I Day 2: Handling your emotions, see and be positive, breath!

When/Where: see : facebook.com/nabarrocoaching

Inscription mandatory per mail : nabarrocoaching@yahoo.com

Chair massage

1 pers (20 min): €20 at my practice

Private group* (2 hours): €90

For events: price upon request
Chair massage is a combination of Shiatsu, Tai yoga and classical massage. It is a typically a short, relaxing and activating massage. It is given on a special chair, through clothes, and no oil is used. I use pressure points with my thumbs and elbow to massage the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

*Private group: At location of your choice – travel costs depending on location.

*Inscription mandatory per email: nabarrocoaching@yahoo.com


Member of the association of chair masseurs


(1 hour) 1 lesson​​

Laugh for Birthday party, Family reunion

For events and/or business

Laughter Yoga is a new idea – simple, profound and easy. You don’t need to have a reason to laugh. Based on scientist facts, the body doesn’t make the difference between a natural laugh and a forced laugh. It is a combination of laughter exercises, light stretching and yoga breathing. We initiate laughter as a body exercise in a group and with eye contact and childlike playfulness.

It soon turns into real and contagious laughter. Laughter yoga was created in 1995 by a doctor from India, Dr.Madan Kataria and it has spread across 70 countries.

I am able to hold the group in French, Dutch and English.

*At location of your choice –  travel costs depending on location.       Price upon request

*See: facebook.com/nabarrocoaching

*Inscription mandatory per email: nabarrocoaching@yahoo.com


“Life coaching is a dynamic discipline designed to help motivate and inspire people to achieve more than they believe is possible.”Tony Robbins

Can I help you?

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For further information please contact me per:

Email: nabarrocoaching@yahoo.com

Phone: +31 6 243 53 158

Skype per appointment 

KVK nr 70810281

Facebook instagram

For more information contact me per:

Email: nabarrocoaching@yahoo.com

Phone: +31 6 243 53 158

Skype per appointment

KVK nr 70810281

Facebook instagram

Terms and Conditions-on request
Terms and Conditions-on request