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Most established professionals want to have more fulfilment and happiness out of their careers/jobs, but they fail in doing so because they aren’t sure where to begin and how to go about achieving this. Some jump from one job to another, take sabbaticals or work for promotions or salary raises. These are all superficial and short-lasting ways of building happiness from work.
When people are feeling happy and positive, their brain works much better: they make better decisions, achieve better results and are more creative. Everything takes less energy and effort and satisfaction skyrockets.
Happiness at work is not a fad; it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Since we spend the majority of our lives working, why not doing it the best way?

When professionals come to me, these are some of the problems & challenges they are looking to address:

Work stress and lack of energy
A feeling of suffering at work and being useless
Loneliness / isolation
Dissatisfied at work, under level working, no recognition
Want to laugh
No meaning/ purpose of work

Unique subject matter expertise and a fresh approach

Empowered solutions

Hands-on approach and personal guidance

Reliable support from the start to the outcome

Bringing focus and structure to make the necessary changes with less stress and fear



A roadmap that leads you from an overwhelmed moment until self-confident state, full of energy and happiness. More info

Me myself and I on tour

By allowing yourself to visualize your wish / your project / your idea, you discover what it means for you and how it gives you positive emotions and purpose. By making a concrete mini-plan with actions, you develop better self-esteem and greater self-confidence. More info

Stress management & Resilience

Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone has this potential to become happy. Helping you to develop practical well-being skills and build a happier work/ life culture using the latest tools from the worlds of the science of happiness and mindfulness. More info


When you take control of your happiness and well-being you:

Are more creative and have more vitality
Develop (more) self-confidence & self-esteem
Have better quality relationships

You laugh more often and feel grateful

Feel more energetic and optimistic + Resist stress better

Feel your inner peace and are happy

About Nathalie

One of my strengths is to pull out the best of you and provide you with valuable insights. I help you to stretch and grow. I can help before the sickness; I can help you to listen to yourself, to be aware of who you are. The signs of growth in others are my fuel!

I practice what I preach: ‘Be the best version of you’. And if I can, so can you!


Nabarro Coaching helps established professionals to find true fulfilment in their career, find new directions and rediscover meaning and inspiration in their work.

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