How do I stay motivated and focused when I have so much to do?
I need energy, a required set of skills and where is my main focus?
How can I find other customers/ contracts? Cold acquisition ?
Really again? Stress? Pressure? Too much information? How can I manage this?
I am discouraged, how do I maintain my focus?How do I proceed?
How do I overcome my fears, and all those obstacles?
If you recognize those obstacles, this workshop is for you!

If you recognize those obstacles, this workshop is for you!

The workshop aims to support and empower new entrepreneurs to recognize their needs and wishes in order to clarify and determine their objectives, be aware of their fears and use visualisation as a tool.

As researchers of your “yourself”, you will be led to explore with practical, creative, and projective exercises.

A small group will offer you the possibility for personal exchanges (maximum 6 people).

The workshop will be divided into 2 parts throughout one day (9.00-16.00). In the morning you will identify the fears, qualities, and weaknesses that can block you from moving forward. You will be aware of where you are and what you have now. The afternoon session will give you the tools to move and take action with practical exercises that enable you to better understand your attitudes and your resources.

You will:

· receive the tools to have and maintain the focus to achieve your goal.

· learn how to make your goal achievable and within your capabilities.

· know your fears, be more aware of them and better equipped to manage them.

· give yourself the permission to move forward and to be successful.

· develop better self-esteem: you acknowledge that you have the talent, knowledge, motivation, and passion.

· be able to continue the practice of visualizing your goal.


· Creative techniques as communication-pictures, drawing, group sharing, visualization, and anchoring,

· The workshop is conducted with respect, humor, creativity, and a touch of provocation by applying classic techniques of coaching and NLP tools.

Lunch is provided.

About Nathalie Nabarro:

“5 years ago I started to change my life, to understand it differently. I approached the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) method of communication and personal development.

I have continued to learn Coaching to can be defined as life coach. I realized that my purpose in life, my mission is to help others, to spread my ‘joie de vivre’ and to be a supportive role model. Passioned, motivated I practice what I preach, and constantly strive to follow my vision to “be the best version of yourself”. I am blessed with what happened and happens since in my life. I am convinced that if I can, you can too.”

We look forward to meeting you!

Keen Folk team


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