HAPPY: a step-by-step roadmap for career or job change without internal struggle

HAPPY is designed to help you through those essential stages of changing career or job: figuring out what you want and making a realistic action plan.
• Get a step-by-step plan to help figure out what you want to do
• Start discovering what are you satisfied with
• Get confident about what you need to do next

Me, Myself & I on Tour: (Personal Development Workshop)

Develop better self-esteem, greater self-confidence and the ability to better cope with the frustrations of life, and the stress life can bring. “Me, Myself & I” works with small groups. It combines respect, humour, creativity and a touch of provocation to bring you the possibility for personal exchanges in a respectful environment through a trusted framework. It focuses on the “how” instead of the “why”: how do I get out of my current situation? How do I reach my goal?

Through group sharing and practical tools from classic techniques of coaching, NLP and Positive Psychology, you will become a better version of yourself while having fun.


From stress management to resilience

The Laughter Workshop: releasing the hormones of Happiness

It’s true what they say: laughter is the best medicine. Laughter makes you feel good. And the positive feeling that comes from laughter and having fun remains with you even after the giggles subside. Also, laughter is the most economical and least time-consuming way to reduce workplace stress.

Laughter is initiated as a body exercise in a group with eye contact and childlike playfulness. It soon turns into real and contagious laughter.

Created in 1995 by Dr.Madan Kataria, the Laughter workshop is simple, profound and straightforward. You don’t need to have a reason to laugh. Based on scientific facts, the body doesn’t make a difference between a natural laugh and a forced laugh. It is a combination of laughter exercises, light stretching and breathing.

* At the location of your choice [office or home] – travel costs depending on location.
* Additional information and price upon request.

Playful Relaxation: fuel your imagination, creativity, & emotional wellbeing

Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to make life all about work, learning how to play can benefit your relationships, job, and mood.

While playing is crucial for a child’s development, it is also beneficial for people of all ages. Play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable.

* 60 minutes session.
*At the location of your choice – travel costs depending on location.
*Information and price upon request.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a combination of Shiatsu, Tai yoga and classical massage. This short, relaxing and activating massage is given on a special chair and focuses on the areas of your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands with the most tension. The tension in the muscles is relieved with kneading and acupressure.

Chair massages can be effective in as few as 15 minutes, are performed fully-clothed, and no oil is used. *At the location of your choice – travel costs depending on location.

* Price upon request

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For more information contact me per:


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Skype per appointment

KVK nr 70810281

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